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Michigan Wines – Food Pairings

Michigan Wines Food PairingWhen food and wine are perfectly paired something magical happens — the pleasure of your meal is greater than the sum of its parts. Here is the criteria: The flavors and the body of the wine and food maintain their distinctive personalities while mingling in a way that enhances both. A pretty good rule for any good relationship!

Michigan Cabernet/Merlot pairs well with Braised Lamb Shanks, Venison Chops with Blackberry Compote and Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce

Michigan Cherry/Fruit Wine pairs well with Snickerdoodle Cookies, Bittersweet Chocolate and Palmiers

Michigan Eau De Vie/Brandy pairs well with nuts or by itself. Try cooking with it: Poach Fruit in Pear Brandy or Flamb crepes with apple

Michigan Gewurztraminer pairs well with Thai Chicken Salad, Herb de Provence rubbed Pork Chops with Applesauce and Yellow Curry Chicken

Michigan Late Harvest Wine pairs well with Flat Bread with Ham, Carmelized Onions & Gruyere Cheese, Pork Chow Mein, Curried Herring and Sausages and Sauerkraut

Michigan Pinot Grigio/Gris pairs well with Pesto Pasta, Spanokopita, Chinese Food and Sushi

Michigan Pinot Noir pairs well with Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Apples and Onions and Braised Chicken with Leeks and Moral Mushrooms

Michigan Port Wine pairs well with Chocolate Truffles, Stilton Cheese and Nuts

Michigan Riesling pairs well with Indian Curries, Liverwurst, Roasted Pork Loin with Herbs and Asian Chicken

Michigan Rosé pairs well with (dry) Fried Mozzarella Sticks and Croque Monsieur or (sweet) Gorgonzola on Sliced Apples

Michigan Semi-Dry/Sweet Reds pair well with Pork Chops with Port Sauce and Dried Fruit, Stuffed Mushrooms and Cold Cuts

Michigan Semi-Dry/Sweet Whites pair well with Roasted Fig & Gorgonzala on Mixed Greens and Saut ed Halibut with Nicoise Vinaigrette

Michigan Sherry pairs well with Spanish Tapas, Spicy Pan Fried Crab

Michigan Sparkling Wine pairs well with Asian-Style Appetizers, Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Fish and Chips and Fried Chicken

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